Who is Steffen Wittig?

I’m the person behind the boring Depri-Horst game and some other irritating stuff (that is mostly of graphical nature). Why don’t you click around on my website and look at the pretty pictures to get an idea? Isn’t that what website visitors usually do instead of reading a wall of text like this?
Steffen Wittig
This is Steffen Wittig, graphics artist and game developer. What a beaut!
What does Steffen Wittig do?
What kind of a website would this be if there wasn’t an unordered list of my talents. Here we go:

  • Software developer by day, game dev by night. He is the best independent game developer in his galaxy (made ~1 games)
  • Graphics artist. Can draw and design stuff like comics, logos, architectural concepts, illustrations
  • Creates videos and animations (and videos with animations)