The history of Depri-Horst: Part 1

Depri-Horst Splash ImageHey there, blog reading people!

Even though I released the iOS version of the Depri-Horst game two weeks ago and I have ideas for a new game… I am still in promotion mode (and have to be, because too many people still give a damn about my amazing game). So when I had to come up with something blog worthy all I could think about was Depri-Horst, even though there is a lot of other cool stuff I could write about.

The history of Depri-Horst is not well documented on the web, I guess. So who could fill that knowledge gap better than me?

A manic depressive mailman? Where did that come from?

I was asked this question a lot. The short version: It came to me while I was doing some business on the toilet. You know… toilet stuff.

For the first time in history here’s the long version.

Deliver letters, get money!

It was 2011. I worked some weeks as a mailman to earn some extra money before I moved out of my parents house and started to study Computer Science Thingies and Media Stuff (that’s how I like to call my field of study). It was a little private corporation and the pay was horrible. And the job was horrible but that wasn’t the corporations fault. It’s just a horrible job for a guy like me. While I enjoyed that I could ride my bike around town (like in Paperboy) the letter delivering part wasn’t my cup of tea. There were dogs around every corner that gave me jump scares with their loud barking (owners be like “Just wants to say hello LOL!”). I had to search for mailboxes around houses and felt like an intruder. And on every other mailbox there wasn’t even a name and I had to ask around. I also had to get up at around 5 a.m. to collect the letters I was supposed to deliver from some kind of letter dump. DID I MENTION THAT THE PAY WAS HORRIBLE!?

Toilet business…

Some time after I quit that job and started studying I was sitting on the toilet and I probably forgot my BlackBerry and therefor wasn’t able to play Tetris (this was before I bought my first smartphone with a touchscreen) so I started to think. Think about stuff. I can’t give you an exact description of what was going through my head. But at the end I had the idea to make a comic book about a depressed mailman. Back then comics were the thing I was most famous for (but not really famous).

I think I settled on the name very fast. I liked the word “depri” even before pretty much everybody in Germany used it as a short form for “depressed” (THIS IS IMPORTANT! I AM A TREND SETTER!) and I had used the name Horst twice for other characters way before I made this comic.

Depri-Horst is born!

Then I made some sketches. I was able to salvage them from one of my old websites (this is the reason for the watermark), so here they are:


As you can see the stovepipe hat was there from the beginning. The final Horst is pretty close to the third sketch but with shorter pants and his mail bag on the other side. Also larger ears but the size of ears differs a lot whenever I draw Horst. Here’s the splash image of the game for comparison.

Depri-Horst Splash Image

This is pretty much how the character came into existence. I my next post I will write about the making of the comic book in 2012. Stay tuned!

If you haven’t played the game be sure to check it out here:!