Problem solved: Adobe CS4 Update not working

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I’m still stuck with Adobe’s CS4 because I really don’t need the stuff the newer versions of their programs offer.

Anyway: After I reinstalled CS4 on a new PC I noticed that the Adobe Updater was not working. It wasn’t finding updates even though I knew there had to beat least some.

The solution was to set the system clock back some years (I chose August 2011) to make it work again. Don’t know if this is a bug or intentional, though…

Don’t forget to set the correct system time afterwards or you’ll encounter strange problems while using your PC because some programs actually rely on it (like browsers when it comes to SSL certificates).

(Someone had the this problem with CS3 and the solution worked for my CS4 so I though I’d write about it to confirm that CS4 has the same problem)

  • So apparently, Adobe is intentionally gimping their programs now. How else can you explain the update not working past a certain date. This combined with the monthly payment CC scam really makes me want to try Sony Vegas.

    • It certainly looks strange – so I understand your suspicions. I was never a fan of Adobe’s politics, even at the time I bought the CS4 but it proved to be the best solution for me at that time. I have no intentions of updating because of their Cloud crap. Now I’m using open source alternatives whenever possible and mostly use CS4 when I work on stuff that will be processed by someone else to prevent compatibility issues.

  • Andrea We

    Thanks, it solved my problem with my CS4. Had the same issue with the Adobe Updater