Working on a new game

(Note: If you’re short on time, just read the bold text of this blog post)

Some days ago I decided to work on a new game. Something very small. I was somehow motivated because I saw what cool stuff some dudes on twitter could crank out for game jams and I also wanted to get some experience with Sprites in Unity3D.

I’m developing a game based on two ideas that I merged together and holy fuck does it work well! I’m don’t want to spoil anything as the novelty of what I came up with will wear off very fast. It’s really very simple – just some arcade style highscore hunting which should be fun for the duration of a bus ride or less.

To make things interesting for me I decided to invert every aspect of my previous game Depri-Horst.

The new game will be fast, colorful, two-dimensional, simple, happy and will have no story whatsoever – where Depri-Horst is initially slow (but gets faster over time, something most people will never see because the game will have depressed them after 2 minutes), has a rather bleak color-scheme and three-dimensional graphics, apparently complex controls (according to casual gamers) and told the story of a manic depressive mailman.

The new game will be released for Android and iOS in about one or two weeks, I guess.

Cat advertises my new game
Cat advertises my new game