The history of Depri-Horst: Part 2

Hey there, blog reading people!

In my last Depri-Horst related post I let you in on how the character and design of Depri-Horst came to be. This time I will write a little bit about the Depri-Horst comic book I made in 2012. It introduced the world to Depri-Horst and his poor depressed mind.

Depri-Horst Comic Book Cover
Cover of the Depri-Horst comic book

The sketch book

After the character sketches from my last blog post were created, I started to write down ideas and make additional drawings to finalize Horst’s design in a sketch book.

I rummaged through some of my “archives” to find that sketch book so I could refresh my memories and show you some pictures. And I am glad that I did: I found lots of unused ideas in there that I could integrate into the video game or release as a new comic book. Great stuff. Hope I’ll find the time to do that.

Anyway: Here’s the “final design” that I used as a reference for all the pages in the comic book but as always I deviated quite a lot from it during the making of the comic book. And I’m glad I did.

Depri-Horst Sketch
Depri-Horst Sketch from early 2012

You like pictures more than words, don’t you? So here’s another one to make this blog post appear even longer!

Early Depri-Horst Sketch
Sketch from my Depri-Horst sketch book that I didn’t like very much

In this sketch book I found a page that described the basic setup of the comic book. Here’s what it says about Depri-Horst:

  • Real name: Horstus Horstensen-Depri
  • depressed and choleric
  • vents his anger by destroying objects
  • is working for an evil delivery company “Böse Post” for ten years, against his will
  • lives with his mother with whom he regularly fights. She is a physicist. He is stupid
  • in the past Horst worked as a zeppelin captain but when it came to light that his pilot license was fake, social decline followed (pun intended)
  • Horst climbs the roof every time there is a lightning storm hoping to be struck by lightning

The real name and Horst’s mother were scrapped from the book, though. I don’t find the real name particularly funny today. The mother makes an appearance in the 6th level of the video game but she just yells at Horst to fix the antenna.

Then there’s two pages – which I will not show you – were I wrote all of my story ideas on “cards” and ordered them to make up the final story line. Real writers do this stuff with real cards but my cards were drawn onto the page because I like to work on my ideas in bed and don’t like loose cards lying around everywhere. I don’t show these pages because half the ideas on there weren’t used and maybe I want to use them some day. Great stuff.

So what is the book about?

Well. Now I had the story for the comic book and who could be more qualified to summarize this story than me? So here we go:

“Depri-Dude screams at another mailmen to leave his territory, delivers machine gun to mafia dude but drops the package, someone dies (guess who?). Depri-Dude then steps into three (!) turds and loses his temper, destroys a plastic flamingo and throws a bystander kid high up in the sky into a blimp. Depri-Dude gets arrested but the judge can relate to him and just sends him to a shrink. Shrink gets scared when Depri-Dude reveals his darkest secret and pays Depri-Dude to leave. Depri-Dude invests the shrink’s money into lottery tickets but loses because he doesn’t get how lottery works – idiot. Depri-Dude is now sad, climbs roof to end his life but falls in love with cat. Terrible accident happens. The end.”

Some of the final pages

I already put the cover of the book at the beginning of this post. Here are some of the pages from the inside. They are in German though. But I translated the book some months ago to release it on Google Play Books.

Get the English version of the comic book on Google Play Books if you’re interested and want to support my next projects. And if you haven’t played the game be sure to check it out here:!