Solved: Installing Windows 8.1 fails with error 0x80300024

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I recently had to install Windows 8.1 when I build a new workstation. After moving all my drives from my old PC to the new system (new motherboard, CPU, ATX and case) and formatted my previous Windows 7 partition (I wanted a new start so I chose not to upgrade) I chose in the Win8 setup that it should install the new OS on there.

It didn’t work. Instead I was told that Windows couldn’t be installed on this drive. Error code: 0x80300024.

As always: The error code was the most useful thing of the message, as it lead me to a forum were possible solutions for Windows 7 were posted – and one of them worked for my Windows 8.1 installation. I guess it should work for Windows 8, too.



Apparently something about my other drives was bugging the installer and I had to unplug all drives except the one I wanted to install Windows 8 on (an SSD drive, by the way). After the install I plugged the other drives back in and everything went fine.

TL;DR: Unplug all drives except the one you want to install on if you encounter error 0x80300024.

  • Nick

    I have only 1 drive and I still get the error? I can’t find out how to fix it?

    • I have no clue, but is it a hybrid drive? Maybe they could create a similar problem… :-/

    • jazz

      a Big LOL

  • Dechcaudron

    Apparently the Windows installer is picky as sh*t and will only accept to install itself in Unit 0. This means if your SSD or HDD has been plugged into any SATA port different from the 0 one in the motherboard, Windows will simply refuse to install. Simply change the SATA cable and plug it into the slot #0. When the installation is complete, you should be able to change it back to your original configuration without Windows annoying you again.

    Windows is such a spoiled brat, wanting to be the only child and sh*t

  • Trevor Rymell

    That solution worked for me. I got error 0x80300024 trying to install Win 10 on an SSD but I also had a 3.5 SATA drive as a Data and Backup drive in a removable drive bay. All I had to do was unplug it while I did the install.

  • Vincent Predine

    Thanks dude, it worked for me 🙂

  • JTF

    i solved this problem aswell but in a different way. somehow when im booting from usb i get this error almost everytime i want to install a windows os. i had to burn the iso into a dvd and boot it from there. when i was one the usb somehow when i format the destination partition it does format it as a MBR thing and in my case windows 10 wich runs on EFI needs a GPT partition. when i booted form the DVD i had to delete the partition and reformat it but this time somehow i was formatted as GPT automatically and the installer proceed.i also had 2 ssd drives, one with w8 and this new one empty. i hope this help anyone else.

    • JTF

      i didnt unplugged my first sdd btw.

  • RealTruth2012

    Worked. Thanks for the info.

  • Garrett S Holbrook

    I wish I had a million dollars to give you, I would have never figured this out on my own. I’m amazed that charge money for this OS, Linux has never given me trouble like that.

    • Glad my post could help you 🙂

      I favor Linux, too, because of stuff like this. But there’s some programs (and games *cough*) that I regularly need, that make me stay with Windows (but use Linux in a VM for software development). 😐

  • Neil

    Thanks, this helped with my Windows 10 install.

  • Ponnangi Sridhar

    Amazing.. Its really working.. Thankyou for such a post like this.☺😊

  • Pungkas Nataatmaja

    Had the fresh new SSD on slot1 and had this error (old hard drive was in slot 0), but unplugging the old HDD and just having the new SSD on slot1 did the trick! thanks for the tip and posting this… I had no idea the solution was going to be easy.

  • Stefan

    You helped me alot man. Thank you!