Solved: Installing Windows 8.1 fails with error 0x80300024

I recently had to install Windows 8.1 when I build a new workstation. After moving all my drives from my old PC to the new system (new motherboard, CPU, ATX and case) and formatted my previous Windows 7 partition I chose in the Win8 setup that it should install the new OS on there.

It didn’t work. Instead I was told that Windows couldn’t be installed on this drive. Error code: 0x80300024.

As always: The error code was the most useful thing of the message, as it lead me to a forum were possible solutions for Windows 7 were posted – and one of them worked for my Windows 8.1 installation. I guess it should work for Windows 8, too.

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Apparently something about my other drives was bugging the installer and I had to unplug all drives except the one I wanted to install Windows 8 on (an SSD in my case). After the installation I plugged the other drives back in and everything went fine.


Unplug all drives – except the one you want to install Windows on – if you encounter error 0x80300024.