Cleaning up

After finishing my master’s degree I’ve finally found some time to deal with my website: I’ve removed some clutter from my website in the last weeks and took down most of my side projects (like the webcomic page or my satire blog, to either reinvent them or let them rest in peace (I’m not entirely sure what it’ll be).

I’ve also took down the Depri-Horst website, as the project has been discontinued for at least two years (I think, I haven’t been keeping track, really) – but I’m currently in talks with a friendly developer who is interested to revive the Depri-Horst video game.

I’m planning to do some kind of retrospective for the toomuchawful comics – some of them weren’t half bad and deserve to be available in some form or another. I’m thinking about releasing them in the form of a book for die-hard fans.